“To Liz – with great thanks for your wisdom. My children and I are forever grateful!” "I think RIE should be a national program so that parents all over the country can have the opportunity that my family had."
Dee Dee Myers, Author, Editor and Commentator; Former White House Press Secretary
"Thank you so much for letting me observe your class. I have to say that I have never been in a toddler setting where everyone was so calm. It was so zen! You were a delight to watch with the children. You have truly put the real meaning of RIE™ into practice. The way you spoke to the children it was obvious you have a true respect and love for them and what you do."
- RIE™ Training student
“I wanted to let you know that as I look at where I am now, I strongly feel that RIE™ and you influenced and encouraged me to explore what I really want out of life –the RIE™ experience was truly a deeply meditative one. The kids benefit and so do the parents."

“I don’t have words to express my deep gratitude to you for your guidance in helping me become a better parent. You will continue to have influence on generations to come.” -C.C.

One mother finishing the 5 years she spent with her two daughters in my classes: “This RIE™ experience has been such a deep, important journey. It has shaped the kind of mother I am. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’m so grateful to RIE™ and to you for guiding me towards the kind of parenting I want to give. Thank you for your dedication to this work. You have impacted my family in a most profound way.” -K.L.

Another self-proclaimed “devoted student” who had no previous knowledge of RIE™: “I really had no clue as to what I would gain from this class and I’ve not only become a better mother but a better person.” -A.S.

“It’s practically impossible for me to express what this class has meant to our family…but I’ll try. Your wisdom, insight and advice have had a profound effect on all of us and has helped me and my child’s father to become the kind of parents we want to be.” -S.B.

“Your so very careful thought to each child and parent, each question asked, each detail, was invaluable. The effect of all this rippling out in our lives is enormous. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts." -J.W.

“I am experiencing parenting and all relationships in a new way. It is at times very hard work, but it is the best choice I have made for myself, and certainly for my daughter. I see my role as parent so much more clearly – I have a voice now, and a passion behind it that allows me to create a family atmosphere filled with space in which my daughter can make genuine choices and allows me to be comfortable with my choices. I am present, quiet, and alert in ways I never expected. The first slew of parenting classes when my baby was born felt wrong – desperately informative but without a deeper understanding of who my baby is and what she is capable of. “I can quiet my own mind here,” I told myself, a frightened new mother who could then slow down to find my own stillness. I know my baby now and feel confident that I will truly know her through her life, and I feel such calm at that thought. I believe that sense of connectedness to each other, that trust, would not be so pure, so direct, without the Educaring Approach.” -J.P. Mother of Two
On the subject of sleep: Liz Memel was able to help a family with an older toddler whom she knows very well since he and his parents were in her classes for two years. Without that awareness of who a particular child is, it is doubtful that someone could support effective change with enduring guidance. Liz has known families who spend $$$$ for someone's success formula and then have to get more formulas because the learning is superficial and fleeting. "I ... did exactly as you said ... I reminded him three times to lie on the blanket ... and he is asleep ... you are truly AWESOME. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity of time and spirit ... what a relief ... and by the way, I looked through like 7 books last night for suggestions ... even Weissbluth ... yours is the most clear, elegant, respectful, collaborative approach ... and it works like a dream ..." A.Z., MFT