Apr 1, 2017

Announcement, Announcement, An-nou-nce-ment!

Hear ye, hear ye! RIE® Comes to West LA!

It is a thrill for me to announce the opening of my Certified RIE® Parent - Infant Guidance Classes in West Los Angeles starting Wednesday, May 3, 2017. The Parenting Center at Sinai Akiba Academy has a beautiful Family Center where I have arranged with the Director to teach my own private program, after a brief hiatus. The address is 10400 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 90024, a security building with free parking.

My old, back-burnered website has been updated with the new information by the "Computer Therapist" (no kidding), so anyone may choose to find me at www.authenticbabies.com and link to get informed about the work I do - get my flyer - contact me. I really am looking forward to this start-up for families with children from birth to age two who will be enrolled in classes according to their stages of development - -
pre-crawling, crawling and eventually toddling. Group size is limited to 6 to 8 families, so here's hoping it all happens at an easy Educaring® pace. 😅

I will very much appreciate you referring any babies you know near my new part of town. Of course I am still teaching in Hollywood at the RIE® Center and actually have a few spaces in a sweet class of new crawlers that meets there Tuesday afternoons at 12:30. Please contact amanda.kaiser@rie.org to inquire.

Much love from me to you out there ~~Liz